What is Custom Group Trading?

Do you run or subscribe to a signal group on Telegram? Wouldn't it be nice if each member had access to best-in-class trading tools for free? Once the group leader signs up, every member of the group can use the features of the Individual trading bot for free, plus they can follow group trades and signals automatically with zero clicks. 

Compared to other services, your members will save a ton of money! You'll get your own custom bot, using your own branding, and your members will deal only with you, not any third party. Why advertise somebody else's brand when you can be building up your own?


Your Community

Use consistent branding to maintain the integrity of your trading community.

Your Trades

Have your members follow your trades, your designated traders, or signals that you post in Telegram.

Your Price

They've already paid you to be in your VIP channel, so why should they have to pay again just to trade based on your insights? Save your members thousands with our centralized system.

Your Features

All the features of the Koala Trading Bot are available to your entire group, such as automatic trading, trailing take profits, and a mobile control center.

Pricing (PayPal and BTC also available)