What is Koala Trading for Individuals?

Take control of your trading with the Koala Trading Bot. You connect it to your exchange account (such as Binance), and then manage your trades through an easy to use Telegram interface on your mobile phone, PC, or Mac. See your balances at a glance, set up simple or complex multi-part orders, and more. Individual investors can pursue manual and automatic trading with our proprietary FlexTrade system.

Why Koala?

Total Control

See your current orders, balances, and profits at a glance using Telegram on your mobile phone, PC, or Mac. Never miss an opportunity because you were away from your computer again.


Using our proprietary FlexTrades system, you can have multiple "take profit" targets, stop loss, and trailing all at the same time. All while hiding your activity from the order books.

Automatic Trading

Find a trader or AI bot you like, and follow their trades. You customize the amount and the order options, the number of active orders, and more.


Cloud Trading

With Koala Individual trading, there is nothing to install or keep running. Our servers are located close to the exchange for maximum speed.

Profit Protection

Use take profit settings to lock in profits, and stop losses to curb losses. Add trailing to any target for even more control.


Get live support from our large community of traders, and direct access to the developer, for no extra charge.

Total Control

Take control of your orders and get statistics on how well you are doing over time. You can even sell your whole portfolio with one command if conditions warrant.

Copy Trading

Copy orders from successful traders, or become a leader yourself to earn a commission from your followers..

AI Bots

In addition to human traders, we have a selection of AI-trained automatic trading bots that can watch the entire market 24/7, performing buys and sells on your behalf. 

Pricing (PayPal and BTC also available)